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Bashing Jean Grey
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September 2006
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fireflyfailure [userpic]

i've been looking for a community like this. jean grey annoys the bejesus out of me, especially in the movies. i mean, christ on a bike, i just want to strangle her.

ahhh....i feel better now : )

Current Mood: irritatedirritated
Lady Dernhelm [userpic]

I've always liked the X-Men but Jean has always annoyed the daylights out of me.  She especially annoyed me in the cartoon.  My Mom liked her although I couldn't understand why but I never said anything.

I've never muched liked the total damnsel in distress idea and always seeing her like that annoyed me.

My friend cularien pointed this one community out in her LJ and I'm most definately glad she did.  :)  I'm also glad to know I'm not alone in not liking Jean.

Current Mood: deviousdevious
ashnan_etana [userpic]

I should have posted this earlier. But here it is now.

There is this wonderful guy over at Newgrounds that makes great X-Men spoofs. Most of them are alot funnier if you are a die-hard comic fan. However there are two great ones if you just hate Jean Grey. No special comic knowledge needed.

Dark Phoenix Rising - watdch Emma smack down Jean.

Death Becomes Them - spoofs all the times the X-Men have died.

I've watched these over and over. I love Emma.

Jai [userpic]

zoemeffgee! Brava on this Comm, creators! I join and bow before you! And may i say:

how many times Do they have to Kill her off before it sticks? *Rah*

*cough* Thank you. anyone have an official tally of how many tiems she died? What was it - seven? Something like that?

ashnan_etana [userpic]

Anybody notice how useless/stupid Jean is in X2?

Let's see, she was starting the Blackbird, lifting it off the ground, keeping Kurt from teleporting, holding the doors of the jet closed, holding back the water and communicating with Charles. It would have made more sense to just focus all that energy into just getting the jet off the ground. What a twit.

ashnan_etana [userpic]

I hate Jean Grey. Wait, let me rephrase that. I HATE JEAN GREY!

She is a useless tart!

Here is your normal scene:

Jean: Ahhhh... [passes out, kidnapped...etc]
Wolverine: Jean! [runs to save her]
Scott: Jean! [runs to save her]

So now we have three X-Men out of commission. This leaves the other X-Men to finish things.

I've been watching the 90s Cartoon with my youngest son. He asked me why Jean is always getting knocked out. I explained the whole damsel-in-distress thing. Our conversation went like this.

My son: "She's useless! Storm doesn't do that."
Me: "Neither does Rogue."
My son: "She did in the movie."
Me: "That was Jean's fault. She was too busy trying to find opportunities to grope Wolverine to do her job. She should have been trying to figure out what Magneto was up to."
My son: "Whatever." [rolls eyes]

Another generation of Jean haters is born. Life is good.

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