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Bashing Jean Grey
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September 2006
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rogue_sk [userpic]
Annoying Jean observation.

Now I dont know how many people used to watch the 90's x-men cartoon on Fox or are old enough to really remember it, But I was one of those people. Was I the only who noticed Jean fainted like every five seconds....a wind was blowing 10 miles a way and Jean would hit the ground like a sack of bricks. Now to add insult to injury Wolverine and Cyclops would both yell JEAN and run for her like she was dying. Now for those of you who disagree with me go watch a few episodes and count how many times she faints. I have seen drinking games based off of Jean fainting if I find them again I promise to post them.

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Jean Grey is a Goddess

Go Jean.......LONG LIVE JEAN..... to not like is to no KNOW the comic version.... she was much stronger and had much more stamina.... the reason she was like that in the show was to show the contrast between her and Rogue

Re: Jean Grey is a Goddess