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Bashing Jean Grey
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September 2006
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obsessist [userpic]

Hey I'm new, I couldn't pass this one up. I seriously thought I was the only one who hated Jean, I see I was wrong, boy am I glad.

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Many hate Jean welcome to the club lol.

hahaha. thanks. ^.^

Re: Not alone...

Ha. Yeah. I was glad they did kill her, I didn't want another Phoenix Saga. But I started laughing in the movie theatre when Wolverine started crying over killing her.

Re: Not alone...

ha. yeah. but Wolverine'd look weird with silly werewolf ears. Like right after that I was thinking "That wussy, crying over her. psh. this movie sucked."

Re: Not alone...

haha. I know the feeling. I almost had to choke on my laugh kuzz my older brother told me to shut up.

Yeah, welcome. I would have loved to kill her too, and I'm sure this time she'd stayed dead. And you know, her fans don't understand why there are people who hate her; what I don't understand is why I "have to" like her.

Thank god!!! I've found allies, all this time I was tortured to no end by all my friends believing that Jean Grey was the best mutant on earth... Well, BEST MUTANT MY ASS!!! To be completely honest, I don't hate her at all. The red hair of hers, the love triangle she's always in and the voice of that girl... I LOATHE THAT USELESS LUMP OF USELESSNESS!!!!!!!