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Bashing Jean Grey
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September 2006
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obsessist [userpic]

Hey I'm new, I couldn't pass this one up. I seriously thought I was the only one who hated Jean, I see I was wrong, boy am I glad.

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Many hate Jean welcome to the club lol.

hahaha. thanks. ^.^

Not alone...

...there are a lot of us who hate her. I would have liked to volunteer to kill her in the third movie, even if it had killed me in the process. I would have done it completely gratis, too.

Re: Not alone...

Ha. Yeah. I was glad they did kill her, I didn't want another Phoenix Saga. But I started laughing in the movie theatre when Wolverine started crying over killing her.

Re: Not alone...

I just saw the end and was like, "Um...didn't Hugh Jackman already do this in Van Helsing?" The pose was nearly the same down to the tattered clothes. All that was missing on Wolverine were the silly werewolf ears...

Re: Not alone...

ha. yeah. but Wolverine'd look weird with silly werewolf ears. Like right after that I was thinking "That wussy, crying over her. psh. this movie sucked."

Re: Not alone...

Yeah, I know. I was cheering when she died and I got some really dirty looks in the theatre. heheh

Re: Not alone...

haha. I know the feeling. I almost had to choke on my laugh kuzz my older brother told me to shut up.

Re: Not alone...

Heh...yeah. The hubby just looked at me, grinned and whispered, "Easy, babe." I think he knew that if I'd had streamers and party favors, I'd have passed them out at that point. *g*

Yeah, welcome. I would have loved to kill her too, and I'm sure this time she'd stayed dead. And you know, her fans don't understand why there are people who hate her; what I don't understand is why I "have to" like her.

Thank god!!! I've found allies, all this time I was tortured to no end by all my friends believing that Jean Grey was the best mutant on earth... Well, BEST MUTANT MY ASS!!! To be completely honest, I don't hate her at all. The red hair of hers, the love triangle she's always in and the voice of that girl... I LOATHE THAT USELESS LUMP OF USELESSNESS!!!!!!!