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Bashing Jean Grey
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rogue_sk [userpic]

Now I dont know how many people used to watch the 90's x-men cartoon on Fox or are old enough to really remember it, But I was one of those people. Was I the only who noticed Jean fainted like every five seconds....a wind was blowing 10 miles a way and Jean would hit the ground like a sack of bricks. Now to add insult to injury Wolverine and Cyclops would both yell JEAN and run for her like she was dying. Now for those of you who disagree with me go watch a few episodes and count how many times she faints. I have seen drinking games based off of Jean fainting if I find them again I promise to post them.

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ashnan_etana [userpic]

It's always great to befriend fellow Jean-haters. Feel free to share any anti-jean stuff you have/find or just chat about the useless bitch.

obsessist [userpic]

Hey I'm new, I couldn't pass this one up. I seriously thought I was the only one who hated Jean, I see I was wrong, boy am I glad.

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rogue_sk [userpic]

Hi I came acrossed this community and just had to join! My name is Sarah and Im not a huge Jean Grey fan obvious im more of a Rogue fan.

fireflyfailure [userpic]

not sure if they meant jean grey, but this font is very aptly named XD

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ashnan_etana [userpic]

I made a vid bashing Jean. It's done using Sims2 and shots from TAS. I just couldn't help myself.

You can find the vid on my website. Rogan Forever

ashnan_etana [userpic]

fireflyfailure made this beautiful icon I'm using for the group. I just had to use it as the default icon. It's just too perfect! Thanks fireflyfailure.

fireflyfailure [userpic]


had a little time on my hands--e.g., couldn't sleep o.o--so i made three anti-jean icons...feel free to take, use, swear at...just don't hotlink...and no worries about crediting if you do use them, i personally hate it when someone "makes" you credit their icons, but i do LOVE comments...hehehe...so yeah. enjoy : )

flipping useless is what she is.Collapse )

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MakaUndomiel [userpic]

if she's not a human.

Hi all, i'm Maka and I have hated jean grey since watching the old x-men cartoon as a kid. I'm no newbie to hating a popular character, I run not-arwen.net, a site dedicated solely to hating LOTR's very own mary-sue/jean grey clone, Arwen.

The problem with the whole phoenix thing is trying to fix what was a ass boring character by throwing ridiculous amounts of power at it. of Anyone ever see that IBM commercial where the knights of the round table are sitting around talking about how to solve the problem of a monster, and one says they should make a giant catapult and hurl sacks of gold at it and arthur goes "you mean we should throw money at the problem?"

yeah its like that.Its gotten to be kinda deus ex machina at this point.
"OH noz!!11!An UNSTOPPABLE enemy What EVA shall we do?!!11!!"
"I know call on jean and the phoenix!!"
with her around arent all other x-men and indeed police/military forces simply pointless? Why not just have her come in, phoenixforce them and be done with it?o

I'd like ONE PROBLEM not to be solved by her please? Just ONE?

so lets get this movement started!

anyone got some anti-jean avies?
or how about a clip show of all the FREAKIN TIMES SHES DIED?

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ashnan_etana [userpic]

X3 has already spawned a slew of fic and vids that are tributes to the perfection that is Jean. Ugh! Someone kill me now. I seriously need to get out and find anti-jean fic and fast.

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